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Can I block or delete followers/email subscribers?

  1. Hi -- is there a way to block or delete followers of my blog? The focus of the content has changed and I'd like to remove some of the people who signed up to receive emails when I post. Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. Everyone on the internet can view and follow any public blog. That is in fact what the public designation means and anyone anyone with internet access can follow your public blog's RSS Feed.

    You can change your blog visibility to "private" Please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control over everything that's posted to your blog via comment moderation

    You don't have to post any comment on your blog. Delete troll posts
    and mark only spam as spam.

  3. if they don't like the new direction they will drop the subscription or not read things

  4. Thanks for your quick responses! It's not a big deal, just some personal stuff. You're right...people can decide on their own. Thanks so much for your help. Andrea

  5. If it is personal things, maybe starting a new blog would be better and use the first blog for something else

  6. Yeah...that might work!

  7. The site linked to my name was a catch all in a way - not just boating safety, when I moved I transferred the not boating safety things to two different blogs - I put links to the new blogs (for old sailing pictures for example) - has worked nice so far - it has allowed me to concentrate on just boating safety related items on my site with pictures sailing with friends on another site

  8. thebuttonwoodproject

    The reason I need to delete an email follower is that the blog follower's email address is no longer in service and the follower appears twice (the deleted email and current email). I guess there is no way to get rid of the erroneous email account.

  9. @thebuttonwoodproject
    The follower is able to subscribe again under another email address as you have noticed. If you post the email address that's not in service here in this forum thread the software will redact it (hide it) so only Staff can see it and they will remove it.

  10. thebuttonwoodproject

    Please remove:
    [email redacted]

  11. The software automatically redacts (hides) all email addresses so spammers don not get them.

    Staff can see the redacted email addresses we cannot see.

  12. For the same reason -- no longer an active email address.

    Please remove:
    [email redacted]

  13. Since spammers usually follow blogs solely to garner a backlink to their own site (thereby telling Google that someone has 'linked' to them) I'm surprised that they can't easily be blocked. Fortunately I don't know how to 'show blog followers' so they're not benefiting from me at least, but what an odd policy - it's one which (assuming it's possible to show one's followers) tends to increase spam noise at the expense of signal. Oh well ;)

  14. @andreawes and @thebuttonwoodproject: I have contacted you both at the email addresses on your accounts with information regarding your followers.

    @jobrodie To dramatically reduce, and prevent spam followers we take several measures. Before someone is allowed to follow your blog via email we run them through our spam fighting filter Akismet.

    For users who choose to have the My Community Widget we only show followers who have interacted with the site. This prevents the spam bots from getting public links on the user's site.

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