Can I Bold Widget titles?

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    Can I Bold my widget titles?
    Also, in this theme, FOREVER, the lower case ‘g’, gets cut of at the bottom.

    The blog I need help with is



    For your blog, you are not going to be able to change the boldness of the widget titles, as that was just the way that the blog’s theme is designed. You have a slim chance of changing it in: Dashboard> Appearance>Theme Options. Also, you could try this just as an experiment. In the widget title, type:
    then type your text. Then type:
    That also may not work, so check it right away so you can fix it if it looks stupid. Otherwise, unfortunately, you are not going to be able to change it.

    Unfortunately, the cut off “g” is most likely a minor bug of the theme, and you’re not going to be able to fix it. However, I think it’s a very minor thing and may not be noticed by some.

    Sorry to be so negative….




    Uh, actually you CAN. You can fix both of these things, provided you have the Custom Design upgrade. It’ll take a bit of coding, but with the upgrade comes free staff support.


    If you have or would consider the CSS customization, I would ask this questiion in the CSS customization forum. There is a class in your CSS called widget-title which makes me think something could possibly be changed. Or perhaps Tomte has knowledge of CSS? I do not know how to refer it over there, but perhaps one of the regular volunteers will catch your question and provide a more definitive answer.


    @raincoaster glad you stopped by … And typed faster and spoke with more authority!



    No worries. More answers are always better.



    The tags Tomte suggested are used in some forums: they don’t work in WP. WP uses HTML and CSS. The HTML for bold text is this:
    <b>TEXT HERE</b>

    or this:
    <strong>TEXT HERE</strong>

    But the title field of a widget doesn’t accept HTML. As rain said, the styling of widget titles can only be changed if you have the C.D. upgrade.


    you can always create the text on an image then insert the image instead of the raw text. it won’t get crawled that way but it will look nice if you do a good job. i was stoked to see that most image hosting websites have free software that is much like photobucket.



    @whatisrapidrescore: The original question wasn’t about text widgets, it was about widgets in general. As far as text widgets are concerned, your suggestion is both bad and unnecessary: the content of a text widget can be styled any way you like using HTML and inline CSS.

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