Can I build a sales site, not a blog?

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    Sorry, I’m an ignoramus about WordPress, but I’ve long been impressed by the very classy clean elegance of its graphics.
    I seem to find only information about blog sites.
    Can one construct an online store with WordPress?
    I’m a perfumer. I make and sell a small line of fragrances, i.e. “niche” fragrances.
    What I need is not a blog, per se, although I would like to include periodic articles I write on it, but mainly I need a site that can:

    • Handle display of about twelve products
    • Have a shopping cart
    • Interconnect with PayPal to handle transactions
    • Ideally, I’d like my site to do all the calculating for quantities and shipping and also keep a database to issue redeemable codes for discounts for repeat customers, etc. and just send PayPal the finished itemized billing to handle.

    Can someone please tell me where to start?
    As an artist, I love good, clean graphics, I enjoy working with jQuery and would like to do some of my own customization such as drag and drop items to shopping cart. Does WordPress allow that? I tried to make a site with Drupal Gardens. It lets you make one for free, as here.. But I felt so frustrated trying to incorporate my own CSS as I couldn’t get my hands on the site’s actual CSS docs and could only counteract rules already on it, so I ended up having to write display:none; for many of their elements, then append my own through a ridiculous little iframe. I was trying to re-purpose a blog template, it all got very messy and I finally gave up.


    Start here:

    Then here:

    No shopping carts.

    If you actually make the product in the entirety, you can sell it, otherwise you cannot.



    Thank you very much, notawoodpecker, for your rapid and nose-on response!
    Now I guess I need to decide whether to go with, Drupal or Joomla…

    Mike Storer



    You should go with The other two are vastly overkill for this kind of thing.



    Thanks again as I’ve thought that myself.. just the question of a shopping cart then…

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