Can I buy my blog domain?

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    I’ve got my free blog here but I was wondering if I could buy my blog domain and host it myself somewhere else. I realised I wanted to put more designs and stuff into my blog but WP has restrictions on placing javascripts and more complicated html codes.

    Can I actually buy my blog’s domain? If so, how? I don’t mind paying for it. If not I guess I might just switch blog hosts. I don’t want the domain mapping cos I want to retain the current one I have. Appreciate if anyone can help.



    No. is a subdomain of




    Okay, first of all, you can export all of the information on your blog for free.

    Second of all, I’m sure WordPress is completely flattered and speechless that you would rather keep a blog name with wordpress in the title than paying $10 dollars per year for your very own domain name.


    GO WORDPRESS ! ! !

    hehe LOL :-)

    Third of all, have you considered paying the $15 dollar Cascading Style Sheet Upgrade which would give you a lot of additional control over the format of your existing blog?

    Fourth of all, have you considered It requires a little more knowledge and a lot more patience, and you have to host it on your own server, but I’m pretty sure that you will have all of the flexibility that you want with the free blogging software at But this option would probably not allow you to keep the coveted ‘wordpress” name in your blog url. hehe LOL :-)



    Thanks for your replies. I realised that the CSS upgrades does not allow u to ad in javascript as well. I guess I should jus go ahead and get my own domain then:) and proabably use to setup. I’m afraid of the tedious stuff I got to do to setup my own website. I hope is easy to use.

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