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Can I buy the annual $99 bundle upgrade even if I already have a domain?

  1. Can I buy the annual $99 bundle upgrade even if I already bought domain mapping (or another blog, not using this user name)? Kathrynwp at the following link seems to imply there's a way around this issue, but the topic is closed:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. My mistake: Please ignore "The blog I need help with is"

  3. If you have domain mapping you can get the other things ala carte at

    You can also get domain refunds up to 2 days after purchase.

  4. Thanks Mike! Unfortunately I bought my domain a couple months ago.

    Just curious, why does WordPress penalize me and refuse the $99 bundle offer (as opposed to $166 a la carte) if I already have a domain? It seems like it's one less thing they'd have to give me, and my loss, not theirs.

    Also, is it possible Kathrynwp at the above link had a different reply? If all she had to suggest was the Store, why restrict it to a private email?

    Thanks again

  5. I'm not sure, if you find a "Happiness Engineer" in the forums they may be able to help.

    I wonder if that was something special because this FAQ sounds like the $99 value bundle is a one time deal. Here's the applicable part from that page

    I already own some of these upgrades. Can they be credited toward my Value Bundle? At this time, the Value Bundle cannot be used as a credit toward previously purchased upgrades. In particular, the Value Bundle domain registration credit can only be used with newly purchased domains and cannot be applied to domain names that have been purchased in the past.

  6. Thanks! I was puzzled about that too--I'll try to find a Happiness Engineer tx

  7. Did you purchase the domain name from WordPress.COM or another registrar?

    Do you have domain mapping? If so what is the URL of it - all questions the staff will need to help you

  8. Thanks so much, auxclass. I bought the domain name a couple years ago from GoDaddy, and I bought domain mapping from WordPress last month. I want to name my blog here (under another user name) but it's not ready for viewing, and I've gotten hits before from forum visitors. Not trying to be mysterious, just want to keep it private while finding out if the bundle is possible for me.

    A la carte, the $99 Pro bundle features I'd like to buy (10GB Space Upgrade / No Ads / Custom Design / VideoPress) cost $140 total--so it seems I'm penalized $41 for already having bought a domain.

    Kathrynwp at the following link seems to imply there's a way around
    this issue, but the topic is closed:

    Thanks again for any help.

  9. just to clarify, i purchased the mapping from WordPress.COM

  10. I have flagged this for the staff to help you

    For the bundle you would get a credit to buy a domain name - since you already have a domain name you will probably never use the credit - my guess is that they will help you get the bundle if you want but the domain mapping will probably start over with the bundle purchase date so you will loose a couple of months there - the bundle is a recent addition to encourage people to buy a standard package of popular items so you can save a few dollars -

    Good luck

  11. thanks auxclass!

  12. @picklesthirsty: I sent you a private email to the address on your account, so that you can communicate the URL of the blog you'd like the Pro Bundle with.

    To your question about why you are not seeing it in the Store, it is tricky to set the expiration dates for users with existing upgrades. That's something our team is aware of, and it might change in the future.

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