Can I categorize comments?

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    I just started a blog that is essentially all about the comments. Is there some way I can organize the comments? Or is there a way to set it up so that commenters can post to the blog (but I moderate all new posts)?



    No, you can’t categorize comments; not at Have you looked at the Prologue theme? It’s designed to be all about the comments.

    If you truly want all comers to post to the blog, you probably want a wiki instead, if Prologue doesn’t suit you.



    A comment blog? Fascinating! A former celebrity blogger was having personal problems and she stopped updating her blog for months. Her blog then got more traffic just be the thousands of comments on one post being posted. But the entire site vanished one day after the domain expired. :(



    Thanks guys. I changed over to Prologue. It should work, for now anyway. This one’s for fun, so try it out sometime:

    I’m adding social bookmarking soon and that should help boost traffic–that, along with all the posts I’m going to get from my family and friends here at launch time. ;)

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