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can i center the page drop-down in Bueno?

  1. Really picky question! I can definitely live with this if it can't be changed, but I would like it better if the drop-down from my "about loop braiding" page link tab (above header pic) would be centered. Or failing that, even left-justified. Right now the drop-down sub-pages actually are out-of-line with the parent tab heading, a little ways out to the left...

    (btw if anyone has any feedback on what I could improve on the blog I would appreciate it!)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have a custom design upgrade?

  3. Nope.

  4. It would require the Custom Design Upgrade.

  5. Thanks for replying, I'll be ok with it as-is, then. I am not a good candidate for CSS---code is beyond me other than blindly pasting in what your or Panos tell me to paste!

  6. You are welcome, and I've never tried to center align a dropdown. I've right or left aligned them, but never centered them. I'm sure it can be done, just not exactly sure what would be required.

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