Can I change color of text in new "Comment Box" feature?

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    While in general I like the new Comment Box feature, I’m having a display problem.

    I’m using the WP “Black Letterhead” theme, however, I have edited the CSS settings & have changed my background color. (Instead of white text on a black background, I now have the reverse. See it here:

    I’ve noticed that the new Comment Box has a dark background and white text. OK, that’s fine. However, the text beneath the comment box (i.e., “Notify me of new comments via email”) is also white, which is a problem since my background is an off-white. I’m assuming this is because the Comment Box is designed for the WP theme being used– which, in my case, has a dark background by default.

    I’ve also noticed that the text & check-box appear slightly differently based on whether Firefox, Chrome, or IE are used. IE seems to give the “best” results. Here are screenshots:


    Is it possible to change the text color in the new Comment Box? (Or to simply go back to the old comment box?) Or do I have to change the CSS settings to show a darker background, so users can read the text???


    The blog I need help with is



    If you have the CSS upgrade, you should be able to change the color of the text in the comment box.

    If you cannot work out where you need to change the stylesheet for this, you’ll have to be patient until one of our CSS knowledgeable volunteers shows up, because I’m not one of them. :)



    Thanks JJ, but I’ll need some guidance on that. Before the Comment Box upgrade, I did figure out how to change the text color in the comment box, but now making those changes doesn’t seem to be working. I wonder if the new Comment Box is a plug-in that is not editable via CSS. If it is, I’d definitely like to figure out how!!



    Try this to fix the text below the comment box:

    label.subscribe-label {color:#000 !important}

    If you want the comment box itself to be dark-on-light rather than light-on-dark, your easiest option may be to switch your base theme from Black Letterhead to Kubrick or Contempt, since Black Letterhead was originally based on Kubrick anyway.




    Thanks so much for the suggestion. I did not try your CSS fix, so I can’t comment on whether that works or not, but I did switch to Contempt and it looks & feels much better now.

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