Can I change font size and do a paragraph break in the heading on Pressrow?

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    Because Pressrow doesn’t use taglines, I need to figure out another way to do a subhead on my heading. I was able to put the second phrase on the bottom of the top phrase but I would like to change the size of the font on the lower phrase to something smaller than the top phrase. I would also like to change the font to Old English to give it that old newspaper style. Would this be possible?



    Do you have the CSS upgrade carlos? With it, you can change the size of any font you want and change to any font you want as well, but not for the faint of heart. Just wondering if you have it already or not? As well, do you mean making the ‘It is a first ammendment right’ portion smaller? At first glance, since it is part of the title it wouldn’t be possible, but maybe another CSS minded individual will have an idea on this for you!




    I do have the CSS upgrade but I don’t have any CSS experience. I barely know HTML.

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