Can I change my author name (not my username) ?

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    I have my username, but I’d like to use my real name as author.

    I know that probably only one person per name can use their real name as username and therefore most of us have to deal with making up another username.

    I’m ok with that, but when I post on my blog I’d like to be able to change the name of the author to my real name. Just that is says: BY “James” instead of BY “VANARGAND88”.

    The issue that could be a problem (as far as I see) is that that very “VANARGAND88” is a link to the author’s profile or something like that. Maybe killing that link would be ok with terms of use? or maybe making it say “James” but still linking to “VANARGAND88”?

    I’m new to but since I’ve been able to do this for Blogger I didn’t thought I’d have so much trouble getting around this by myself.

    Any thoughts? I appreciate help, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is




    Thanks a lot, the second link was what I wanted.

    However what about using different display names for different posts? without adding new people to the account as authors?



    Then you need different accounts.



    I see. Well that’s about it. Thanks a lot.



    You need different accounts to get the different name into a blog – but after you have the different names in a blog – if you are admin (and probably editor) you can change the author of a Post – down the Edit Post page a bit – but it is easy to forget to change and save a different Author –

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