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Can I change my domain mapping?

  1. I just had to renew my domain name (it was expired) and I think that I got through all of the google apps/godaddy hoops...I was unable to get a straight answer from either side. I think the problem might be that when I renewed my domain mapping with wordpress it set it as instead of
    Is there a way to change this? Right now my blog is being shown as a very old one from last year.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @ cdurb18,

    When I visit it brings up your old blog. Same thing, if i visit it brings up - still old blog.

    Where do you see your new blog? I also noticed the blog under your username points to a different domain

    For further information you can read the following two post;


    Hope this help.

  3. @cdurb
    You can click "member" under your username and locate every tcomment you have posted, every thread you have begun and every answer you have received to a forum thread.

    As I said yesterday, you need to contact Staff directly on this issue. We volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and we cannot assist you with this change in domain mapping. Provide your all your details to Staff please

  4. Okay thanks, I contacted Staff but no response.
    @PhatPast, my blog was working fine until 2 days ago. I was working with that blog for about a year now it's back to my old one. I'm just trying to figure out the correct steps for this because the domain name expired but I think that should be all straightened out.

  5. @cdurb18
    As Support is down right now I'm afraid you will have to wait until it's up again.

  6. I see that is registered through GoDaddy, not Note that it is possible to map a domain you own to a blog or to another web hosting provider if you had setup a blog.

    Sometimes when a domain expires, the settings get reverted to something from the past. I'm not sure why that happens. I see that the domain is currently pointed to the blog, but it sounds like you actually wanted to point it somewhere else. To do that, you should go through GoDaddy to update the name servers for the domain. You should use the name servers given to you by your web hosting provider. If you need help, you should contact GoDaddy and they should be able to guide you.

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