Can I change my primary blog?

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    I have a primary blog, and a blog to which I have been granted full editing rights.

    Can I switch my primary blog to this other one?

    It would be really usefull if I could!

    The blog I need help with is


    I have found what I think is a way, through updating my Personal Settings, selecting the ‘alternative primary blog’ from there, and putting the website address in for when I make comments, but it doesn’t seem to have taken!

    Any clues?



    Ok, so I’m just talking to myself. Not because I’mbeing ignored. It seems I was just a little impatient. The change has now taken hold. I’m off.




    I used your advice.
    Thanks a bunch!

    Just one tip for people trying to find it in the future. “Personal Settings” can be found on your dashboard, under “users” towards the bottom of the left hand bar.

    Good Luck!

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