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    Last night I changed the theme of my blog, for something more springy. I found one that I like real well, except there is a problem, This particular template does not come with a “home” button as you can see. I hate that since if you find yourself on a page, it doesn’t allow you to go home to where the posts are. I know you can go to archive and bring them up that way, or the category cloud, etc. , but I want the “home” button. Can I change this in settings?

    Also I have noticed that many visitors are not bloggers so they don’t have a WordPress account. For this reason they can’t like, share, comment and rate any of the posts. Is there something I can change in setting to allow visitors to participate on the blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    This particular template does not come with a “home” button as you can see.

    Create a custom menu and you will find a ready made Home button.

    re:like button use
    The like button is an in-house like button. It’s like every other in-house member use only like button, for example the Facebook like button. Only logged in bloggers can use the like button on blogs.

    Also note likes and shares are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can “like” and “share” your posts in several locations such as the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat. See here for what I do to compel readers to read posts on my site >



    See here for sharing buttons >


    Timethief, it is not doing what I want it to do. Now, instead of the 4 menus I want it to display, It has added all categories as menu and I lost the 3 menu’s I had originally.

    In the instructions it told me to create a custom menu and then add the categories I want under that menu. If you take a look there are all catogories now as the menu. All I want to appear there is:
    “All Posts”, “About Journaling”, “Dreams from God”, “Visions from God”. I will go in again and see what I did wrong and see if I can undo this. I just want each daily post to appear automatically on the main page with a menu “all posts” that people can click on in case they find themselves on a page, they have a way to get back to the posts by clicking on All Posts.


    I just went and undid it. I wish I could make all those categories appear under a 4th menu called “All Posts”.



    Now, instead of the 4 menus I want it to display, It has added all categories as menu and I lost the 3 menu’s I had originally.

    There is only one menu. It is the whole bar. The only items that will display in any custom menu are the ones you choose to display in it. There are many common errors, misunderstandings and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here >


    Ok, I will figure out something. On the iPhone version it shows a dropdown of 4 menus. “Home”, “About Journaling”, “Dreams from God” and “Visions from God”, each with their categories under them and “Home” taking you back to all posts. That “HOME” does not appear on desktop nor iPad version. I hope you are understanding what I am saying. We may not be using same terms. There is not only one menu. There are 3 at the top and iPhone shows 4.



    I don’t have an iPhone and cannot see what you see. Another Volunteer or Staff will assist you.


    Ok. Thank you for patience.



    You’re using a fully responsive theme, so in this case, I recommend just disabling the mobile theme at Appearance -> Mobile in your blog’s Dashboard.

    The theme will adapt on its own for smaller screens.

    It is not possible to adjust the mobile theme.


    Thank you Mac, for the tips, although now by doing that, I downgraded the iPhone too to the same problem I am having on screen. Although I like that on the iPhone now I can see the full page, the “MENU” is gone.

    I think I am having a hard time communicating as English is not my first language. I am not sure what other terms to use to describe this. Lets try again… Before I changed to this current theme, I had a theme where on the left hand side I had 4 LINKS (in one column, one under the other). (lets call them links this time to see if it is clear this time) The 4 links were: HOME, ABOUT JOURNALING, DREAMS FROM GOD, VISIONS FROM GOD. You could click on any of those links, but the HOME link took you back to all posts ever posted from newest to oldest.
    Now I changed to this Theme or maybe I should say Template. Instead of these LINKS being on the left hand side, they are at the top underneath the name of my blog. They are in blue boxes at the top. You can see 3 blue boxes with the same names I gave you above, except there is a blue box missing with the name HOME. The problem is that if someone clicks on any of those 3 pages in the blue boxes, they can’t get back to the MAIN PAGE where my posts are, from the newest post to the oldest. Timethief told me earlier to go create that link, but it is not putting a blue box there with the name HOME on it.
    Maybe this is not possible at all, in that case I would go back to the theme I had before maybe. But if there is a way to create a this 4th LINK that can take my readers back to all posts I ever posted, I would love that. I was starting to think there is a way by what Timethief was saying. I am sure I am clear now? Thank you for your hard work, I am having a hard time explaining.

    2. Just now, Where you told me to go, I noticed that I could change the appearance from showing the full post to showing it only in part. I Like that because I understood from Timethief last time that by clicking on a link to read further, it causes the stats to go up also. But when I made the changes, somehow it didn’t affect the appearance. It stayed the same as before.



    1. Ok, I understand now, sorry about that! In this case, you’ll need to build your own menu via Appearance -> Menus in your blog’s Dashboard, then add Home as a Custom Link to the menu. Please see this for more info and a video tutorial:

    2. That actually only affected mobile viewers, not everyone. In this case, the only choice would be to switch to the mobile theme and have that option, or not use the mobile theme and display the full current theme along with the full posts.


    Yes, Mac… that is the same instruction that timethief gave me. I did it before. I redid it now with your instructions, watched the video and on the video it shows how the created menus appear right away at the top. Mine, I create the menu, call it HOME, I check the “home’ box in the pages under ‘view all’. I add to menu. I save it. Nothing happens. It does not add a 4th blue box called Home to my upper page. I tried on iPad, I tried on desktop. Don’t know why it doesn’t work for me. I tried over and over again. Don’t know what I am doing wrong, I even filled out the URL to my website in the custom links and added to menu. hmmmm.


    Did you click on my webite? You can see there are only 3 blue boxes at the top. Where is the 4th one that I am creating over and over called HOME?



    At the Theme Locations box near the top-left of Appearance -> Menus, you’ll need to select your primary menu.

    You’ll also need to add more to that menu, as you only have 2 Home links.

    Please see the video tutorial at


    Ok, I am going to give up now. Did that before and now again. When you choose that option, you can only use one menu at a time. All the other 3 blue boxes disappear and now I can only see one blue box that says Menu, although I recreated all the other 3 links all over again this time to make sure, but I can only use one menu option at a time. It says my theme only supports one menu. I can’t check all 4 menu options. I feel horrible because I feel I am coming across as difficult. I am trying everything you both are telling me. I can’t get 4 boxes to appear simultaneously so I will just give up now even though I know this is possible to do. Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry I have bothered you so long. :-(



    You can only use one menu, but that menu can have as many menu items as you want, that’s all you need.

    Again, please see the video tutorial at

    I promise, the video will explain everything much better than I can over text.


    Wow, Mac! Finally!!!! I had watched the video before and followed instructions before. You know what the difference was? Just sliding the dotted boxes a little over to the right to fall under one another! That was the only thing I had not done, although they were all added to the menu. Wow. 3-4 days of fighting and then such a little issue. Thank you so much, you have shown to have patience of steel. Both you and Timethief. I feel bad for having had trouble for so long…



    You’re welcome! :)

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