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Can I change the colours of all links on my blog?

  1. Hey all,

    My blog title is and I am using, k2 theme I believe.

    My issue is with all the links on my site, they are all blue...: hyperlinks within posts, links, widgets etc and I'd like them all changed to grey.

    I have not yet purchased the CSS upgrade but will do so if this is possible.

    Can anyone help!???

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are actually using Kubrick at the moment. The colors for the links are set in these two sections.

    a, h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover


  3. Kubrick. Indeed. Sorry about that :)

    Ok, so, apologies for being a complete newb here but what part of that code do I need to change?

  4. The hex color values

    a, h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover {
    a:hover {
  5. Thank you so much.
    Works a treat!

  6. You're welcome.

  7. Hi Another newbie here. I have a blog at I have purchased the edit css. I would like to change the colour of my header links, such as "categories", "latest", etc to black. I also have firebug. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Chrissie

  8. I don't think you are going to be happy with black as the still disappear.

    h3.sub, h2.sub {
  9. No worries. Just sorted it myself. Cheers

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