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Can I change the content my subscribers view on their email alert to a new post?

  1. aconsciousappetite

    Hello there, Is there any way I can edit what my subscribers view on their email alert when I post a new blog? For example, right now it shows the entire new post right in their email! How is that motivating for them to go and view it on my site when they'll read my new posts in that fashion?

    I hope to be able to change their email alert with just a notification that there is a new post and then a link to my site. Can this be done?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. You can add a "Read More" link to the email notifications that your followers receive by going to your Settings -> Reading page and selecting the Summary option next to "For each article in a feed, show."

  3. aconsciousappetite

    Thank you, I will try that!

  4. aconsciousappetite

    Hi again, I made the changes you suggested last night.

    But now new problem...I published a new post earlier today, then I just logged on to my site to view it and it is not published? Also, no notifications to the new post. I'm really confused? It shows on my dashboard that it was published 6 hours ago.

    I'm on Mac OSX version 10.7.4 and using Safari.

  5. aconsciousappetite

    Now it seems to be posted, but there was no notification of the new post.

    Is this due to the change that you suggested above? I did change it to "Summary" rather than "Full".

  6. Are you referring to the post titled "Nani y Siesta"?

  7. aconsciousappetite

    Yes, I am. I see that it's now posted but it didn't until I checked 6 hours later. Also, there was no email notification of the new post.

    This is a very new blog and I'd like to work out all of the glitches before sharing it with more friends, so thanks for the help!

  8. I don't see anything that would have prevented the email from going out, so I believe it was temporary glitch.

    If it ever happens again, please let us know!

  9. aconsciousappetite

    Good! I'll be posting again tomorrow, so I'll let you know. Tnx!

  10. You're welcome!

  11. aconsciousappetite

    I'm happy to say that it's all working well. Thank you to macmanx and evarlese!

  12. Wonderful, I'm glad it worked this time!

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