Can I change the name of my blog and keep all my previous content?

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    My branding is The Design Diva, so when I started my blog, which is supposed to be like “The Dear Abby of Design”, I used the blog name “Ask the Design Diva.” However, I was thinking that to get more activity the words decorating and questions should be in the title. After doing a google keyword search, the word “questions” was not high up on the list, so I’m thing “Decorating Ideas and Advice” is probably a better option. Can I change the name of my blog without losing my previous posts? Or does the title not matter as much, and as long as I use a keyword rich body it will get a higher google ranking?
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    Would you like to change the title (Ask the Design Diva.), or the address ( too?

    You can change the title of your blog from Settings > General in your dashboard, and the address using our address change tool.

    You won’t loose your posts in either case, but in the second case (changing URL) you’ll need to start again with Google and other search engines (but, really, it doesn’t take long to be indexed these days).

    Hope that helps!

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