can i change the name of my blog

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    Hello. I’d like to change the name of my current blog to a new and better name. How can I do this? Is it possible to make a mirror blog? Can I point an old blog to a new one? Thanks!



    (1) You can change the Blog Title on a blog at any time but not the url.
    -> Options
    Weblog title:
    after making change click “Update Options” to save.

    (2) The only way to redirect the url is by purchasing a domain and domain mapping.

    (3) Mirror blogs for back-up purposes that are set to “private” are allowed. The reason for the private setting is to keep out search engines. When it comes to duplicate content Technorati will only rank links to one url and Google spiders are likewise savvy about duplicate content. If you are going to a mirror blog and ranking is important you should take that into consideration.



    Thank you timethief.

    Do you know any workarounds for this? I already announced my blog url to my clients but now want to change it.



    First you must purchase a domain and domain mapping. Once that is done and all things are in place the blog will automatically redirect your readers to the domain.



    Also note that there are restrictions in the ToS section 2, 5th bullet that you agreed to to get a blog here. blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites and advertising is not allowed.
    And those who do not take these restrictions seriously will find that their blogs have been deleted.

    If you have a commercial blog in mind your best bet is to hire a web host and download the free standing software from

    HTH :)

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