Can I change the order my blogs are displayed in?

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    Before under the ‘My Blogs’ section there was a move up/move down button to change the order of the blogs, what happened? Where is it?



    The blog I need help with is


    Have you consulted the guide? Maybe there’s a good graphic or some text there that will help you locate it.



    It appears that the function you mention has been removed. It used to appear in one of your sites Dashboards under “My Blogs”.

    Now the fixed sort order is alphabetical (with your primary site always listed first) with no possibility to rearrange the order. You can “Hide” or “Make Visible” but the “Up” and “Down” links (still shown here) are gone.

    Frankly, the sort order thing never really worked consistently.



    Note for Staff: Need to update that screenshot.



    Tom – there is no longer a way to reorder the blogs in that view, sorry about that.

    Jennifer – thanks for the heads-up about the screenshots on that page.

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