Can I change Wordads placements through CSS??

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    I have The Morning After Theme and run WordAds as well. I don’t like the placement and sizing of the ads on my blog. Is there a way to move them through CSS or is that impossible?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t answer your question, however, there are 74 WordAds supported themes here >



    Hi Gus, WordAds can’t be moved or resized, since they are sold to advertisers based on their size and location on the page. The sad reality of ads is that many are ugly and awkwardly sized, but we try our best to make them fit well into our themes.

    If you could let me know exactly what you don’t like, I could pass it on to our ads team. They work hard to make ads as painless as possible, but it’s not easy. Also, as timethief mentioned, you could also try out a different WordAds-supported theme to see if you prefer the presentation in one of them instead.

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