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Can I choose my advertising on my blog?

  1. Inappropriate advertising - entertainment news on my blog (Jennifer Aniston home videos). I am hoping for headline news type advertising, or similar unoffensive advertising. I am writing a Christian, suicide and depression help blog and can not have offensive advertising on my page.
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  2. No, you can't, but you can report what you feel is offensive. Believe me, LOTS of people hated the Jennifer Aniston video. It's a wonder she has a career at all.

  3. and can not have offensive advertising

    Bottled water is offensive?

    Or is it pregnant women you find offensive?

  4. @onlyabump
    I'm fascinated. Please tell us exactly what do you find offensive about that ad?
    Please also explain in what way shape of form being a depressed or suicidal Christian conflicts with that Water Smart ad?

    Have you considered purchasing a No-Ads upgrade and eliminating all advertising from your blog?

  5. By the way, it's not entertainment news either, nor is it home videos.

    It's a spoof of the notion of secret, leaked videos. It's all staged and acted. She isn't even pregnant. It's a prosthesis.

  6. For a mere $30 a year you can get rid of all ads.

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