Can I choose my advertising on my blog?

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    Inappropriate advertising – entertainment news on my blog (Jennifer Aniston home videos). I am hoping for headline news type advertising, or similar unoffensive advertising. I am writing a Christian, suicide and depression help blog and can not have offensive advertising on my page.
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    The blog I need help with is



    No, you can’t, but you can report what you feel is offensive. Believe me, LOTS of people hated the Jennifer Aniston video. It’s a wonder she has a career at all.


    and can not have offensive advertising

    Bottled water is offensive?

    Or is it pregnant women you find offensive?



    I’m fascinated. Please tell us exactly what do you find offensive about that ad?
    Please also explain in what way shape of form being a depressed or suicidal Christian conflicts with that Water Smart ad?

    Have you considered purchasing a No-Ads upgrade and eliminating all advertising from your blog?


    By the way, it’s not entertainment news either, nor is it home videos.

    It’s a spoof of the notion of secret, leaked videos. It’s all staged and acted. She isn’t even pregnant. It’s a prosthesis.



    For a mere $30 a year you can get rid of all ads.

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