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Can I copy my site/content from to my own hosted

  1. I JUST started really working on my blog, and I am realizing that I definitely need the available plugins and functionality of hosting wordpress on my own host. I never in a million years thought i would get into blogging, but apparently it is working out well for me and I want to take it to a more professional level.

    The issue is, I do not want to loose my content, and style/settings (i didnt make TOO many changes, but still). BUT i also want to KEEP my site up there to.. i figured I will have BOTH going and just always post to both sites.. Double the exposure i guess.. FOR NOW atleast.

    So is there a tutorial on how to export your content from your site to your host.. I read SOMEWHERE That from admin you can just click EXPORT for your DB, but i can tfind that anywhere.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In your wp-admin dashboard, Tools / Export is what you're looking for. Then Tools / Import on your new self-hosted blog.

  3. Ohh ok.. Now, will this install the theme that I had as well?? or JUST the content that will be in the default WP install?

  4. Just the content.

  5. ok.. thats fine.

    I'm having a new issue now (if oyu dont mind answering)

    I logged in using the admin username that simple scripts gave me, then created my own admin username and password, and for some reason i STILL cant log in using that

  6. Sorry but we can't help with self-hosted blogs. You'll need to visit and ask there.

  7. oops .. forgot i was on the .com part.. THANKS so much for your help though. Really appreciate it.

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