can i copy writing from other websites onto mine

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    i was wandering if i was able to copy pictures and writing from another website(not on wordpress) onto my blog



    What other website is this? Can you make an export out of it? How about a URL? Some specifics would help?

    Without more information or knowing what you’re looking at, all we can do is make guesses.


    My opinion?
    Always be courteous, and ask for permission first from the content/website owner.



    oh sorry the website is:
    i dont no much about computers and interneting so i dont no what to do



    You see the big copyright symbol on the bottom of that page, right?


    With games like that look in the downloads section. You’ll usually find a download called ‘FanKit’ or something similar. This is full of infomation about the game, pictures, concept art and other stuff. You are allowed to use these on your own website without asking, just dont remove the copyright notices or links that are in there.

    If there isnt a fan kit there, then copy and paste the text you want (not images) paste it to your post, and add the copywrite notice thats at the botom of the page, and also make sure uyou link to the original aswell.

    Then write to the copyrite office (in this case microsofts copywrite office) giving them a link to your page, explaining why you used their material. 9 times out of 10 they’ll be fine about it, since it gives them free publicity, and you’ve informed them. They only tend to get nasty if you dont inform them of what your doing.



    could someone look at the website to see if there is a fankit?
    because i cant find one



    I can’t either. My guess is that Microsoft means what they say – all the material on the site is copyrighted. © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Terms of Use.

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