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Can I create a category that is hidden but directs the category search my way?

  1. In my blog I frequently write about food. I am trying to keep separate categories for recipes/cooking that I did myself and dining out/non-cooking posts about food. I have named my categories "cooking", "recipes", and "eating". When I post in the category "eating" my blog does not appear on the WordPress homepage under the category "food". However, I don't want to have to categorize all of these posts as "food" because it seems a bit redundant. Is there a way to create a category that remains hidden on my blog's front page so that I can mark these posts as being about food without cluttering my front page with an extraneous category?

  2. Even if there were a possibility I would advise against using it. Search engines are constantly updated to penalize such conduct.

  3. Use "food" as a tag, not a category, for those posts and they will appear on the global tag page for food without appearing among your categories.

  4. I stand corrected. The use of the food as a tag is perfectly fine.

  5. The multiple category anomaly has never been fixed as far as I know. They still allow you to have two category widgets but they display the same info. I want two separate category widgets, or at least on with a small subset of the main list. Still doesn't seem to work. i don't know why they allow you to have two category widgets if it displays the same stuff.

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