Can I create a URL redirect to a post?

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    Hi all

    A website is hosting a link to one of my posts, but they have posted the wrong link (one character is wrong). I have asked them to change it but they won’t. Long story.

    Can I create a redirect to push that link to the actual post?


    the link posted is this:

    but it should be this:

    Note the only difference is the DATE.

    I know i can change the date on my post, but there are other links, social exposure and ads that all link the correct place, so i cannot change it.

    If anyone can help me create a redirect for this incorrect link i would be very grateful.


    The blog I need help with is



    You have a couple choices.

    The best one is to contact the linking site and ask them to fix the broken link. That will resolve most of your problems and make them happy as you’ve helped them as well.

    The other is to create a post with that URL (create a post and set the date to the bad link date) and put a link on that post to the correct post. It’s an ugly fix, but best you can do with as there isn’t a redirect feature here.

    I’d choose option one. :D

    And congrats on the referrer link!


    Thanks Lorelle

    Yeah i went down plan A but apparently it was a “closed box” upload, which basically meant to me that the host was paid to upload the info, not edit it, and he wasnt interested in helping out.

    So i went with Plan B, created a post to the broken link and then linked from that. It was a bit clunky but I got to make a good Star Wars joke out of it, so it wasnt that bad in the end.

    Cheers for the advice.

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