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can i create a website on wordpress now and not launch it yet?

  1. theurbanegrandmother

    i have a blog on typepad now. I want to design a new website on wordpress, (using the same url which I have registered with godaddy) but not launch it yet. Can I do that?
    Blog url:

  2. You can set the site to Private the minute you register it and then work on it till it's ready. Just switch to Public when you're ready. That's under Settings->Privacy on your dashboard.

  3. Follow up...can I work on redesigning my blog without the changes going live?

  4. Yes, you can even do so without the paid Custom Design upgrade. There's a free Preview. We always recommend people use that first and not buy the upgrade till they're sure they can make the changes they want.

  5. Are you referring to a foree hosted blog?
    Are you referring to editing CSS?
    If so the answer is yes. Scroll down to "I’m not sure if the Custom Design upgrade is for me. Can I try before I buy?" here >

  6. theurbanegrandmother

    thanks for your help, everyone. my question has been answered!

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