Can I Create An Adult Blog With This Content?

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    Hi, I have a request regarding the creation of an ‘adults only’ blog, that would sometimes take a light hearted, and comedic approach to some ‘adult content’ but sometimes would get more serious. I believe it is required that I contact you about the creation of these kind of blogs, but I also wanted to make clear my intentions for the blog, and check they would not breach your terms and conditions.
    I used to run a blog on blogger, that was for ‘mature content’ and now I wanted to bring that idea over to WordPress with all the new posts. The idea of the blog is to post previews, news, reviews and other content type (possibly including videos and other media) on adult orientated content; things such as cult adult films,’ extreme cinema’, adult magazines/books (ie 50 shades), adult video games, horror books and comics/films and that kind of thing/things that would generally have an ’18’ rating, or would be considered for adults/a mature audiance. Also, as well as post articles (if this would be allowed:) on subjects such as pornography-but only articles ,such as looking at the effects it has on people, reviews on the content of that nature released, but never actually adding any pornographic content through photos/videos or direct links, just discussions. Please could you let me know what parts of these ideas would be acceptable.
    I am working on a franchise of blogs/ all the others are for a ‘family’ audience, so I want to make sure this blog is not linked from my other blogs. If a adult blog is set up on WordPress, is their a feature where the user accessing the blogs address will first be asked to confirm they are over 18, like on Blogger too?
    Thanks for your time,
    Ben Stuart
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    If a adult blog is set up on WordPress, is their a feature where the user accessing the blogs address will first be asked to confirm they are over 18, like on Blogger too?

    There is no such feature here but you can create a static front page.
    Read also >

    “Adult” or mature content blogs are allowed but pornography is not allowed.
    From the TOS
    Please don’t:
    •Post explicit sexual materials that can be considered pornographic, such as explicit images or video of sexual acts or close-up images of genitalia;
    •Post links or banner ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups;
    •Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort services;
    •Post images of extreme violence or gore without associated context or commentary;
    •Post images of child pornography;
    •Post content that promotes pedophilia, such as blogs with galleries of images of children where the images, content surrounding the images, or the intent of the blog is sexually suggestive.

    This reply by Markel who is on the TOS Staff at may also give you some insights.



    Hi, thanks so much for that reply, that was very helpful, as was the link.
    I am now clear with what I can and can not do, and I’ll create the mentioned static page.
    As I say, the blog will not have any pornographic videos or pics, but at most a discussion on the subject or articles mentioning the subject where allowed, but no affiliate links, and I’ll always stay within your guidelines with videos as I will not be uploading any pornographic videos, links or else pornographic.
    Thanks again



    You’re welcome.

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