Can I creating something like gameinformer[dot]com?

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    Hi guys, first time writing in these forums, so apologies if I’m not supposed to post in this particular section. I have been using wordpress for several months, but keeping it to bare basics.

    Anyway, as title. Can I use wordpress to create something similar to:

    Game Informer

    To me, it looks like it is actually powered by wordpress, but I can’t find details to confirm this.

    I am aiming to create a sort of blog/news site, whereby I have a team of around 15-20 bloggers from different parts of the world blogging on different aspects of the same overall heading (Asian Culture).

    – For example, in, you have the page “Platform” -> 360, PS3, Wii etc. In my site, you would have “Country” -> Korea, Japan, China etc

    – On the right hand side, there is a list of “game informer staff”. In mine, it would list my bloggers, and then link to their own personal blog, where they can blog about non-Asia related things, and their own stuff.

    – Although the priority will be on my “main team bloggers”, there is an option for “members’ of the site to have their own blog as part of my site. I’m sure I can classify different people to have different “power” i.e. the main team and I will be the “admin/editors”, we can blog on own personal blog, but also on the main site – as in news, features, editorials, reviews. We can give powers to other people if they want to blog too, but they will not be able to upload onto front page. Only a subpage where you can see the newest updates of “members” blogs. Then we have regular members, who are only able to read and comment on other people’s blogs, and on forums (+create topics in forums). Is this the function of WordPress MU?

    – the box in the middle, where you can toggle between the newest updates – “feed”, “blogs”, “community” (forum posts), “guides” – is exactly the sort of thing I’m looking to replicate

    – The forum integration at is really great too. It seems like something that bbpress can create?

    – The whole EXP and friend system, whilst I really like it, it is not a necessity for my site. But is this what BuddyPress does?

    Hope some of you WP experts can help me confirm my queries. Thanks!


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    Sorry, we don’t have a link to your blog so we can’t see it. Without that, we can not give specific technical advice.

    Also your reference to “Game Informer” is unclear. I have not idea what that is without a link.

    However, you say,
    “To me, it looks like it is actually powered by wordpress, but I can’t find details to confirm this.”
    This makes me wonder if you are aware that there are 2 very different kinds of WordPress? Take a look at this:

    The other things you are asking about indicate that you would be better off to concentrate your efforts on WordPress.ORG. is is more restricted than what you are hoping to do.



    @qoobie23: are you talking about sidebar widgets showing how many people logged in, from which country ,platform, browser, and all those similar stats ?



    Ah crap.

    Yeh I got confused between and .com. I posted the same thing on both forums, and forgot to add the link of the site in question the site.

    The site (not mine) is

    I’ve now read the very helpful and important “Differences between and” page. is what I am looking for. No one replying on the forums yet though.

    Anyway, thanks for your time guys. Much appreciated.


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    You are welcome.
    If wp.COM and wp.ORG were a fork in your road, then now you know which way to go.
    Best wishes…

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