Can I Delete a Comment I Made to Another Blog?

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    I would like to be able, in the My Comments area, to retract a comment I made on another blog and I’m not seeing how I can do that. I thought I could but now I can’t find it (if it was there). –Thanks!!


    nope, sorry.

    i’ve had that regret myself, many a time. ;)



    what we need is an edit feature to the comments we make on wp blogs so we can erase or edit as necessary after hastily pressing submit. i’ve sent a feedback before but no follow-up from the wp team.



    I strongly rely on the edit function here in the forum. I need to edit answers because I’m off finding threads and reading them and that changes what I have to say when I return.
    I think about things and then that changes what I have to say.
    I am mindful of drmike’s comments regarding disabilities, tremors and spelling errors and such. I have disabilities of my own.
    I respect sulz’s position on hastily submitted comments and nod in agreement with sunburntkamel’s submission too. We have all made blog comments that we regretted making moments later.
    I also want the ability to edit comments we leave on blogs like we do on the forum.

    What do others have to say?

    P.S. I edited this 4 times.


    heh, now that we’ve moved on to the ‘ideas’ portion of the thread…

    yeah, i would love to see that feature. the main reason that i copped fauna’s template for my own blog was this plugin:

    it basically has the same setup as the forum, gives you a time limit to correct your comment.

    i suppose the only issue there, is if someone moderates your comment. would have to allow you to edit without sending them a new email every time, and when they moderate your comment, the nonce system would have to alert them that the content of the comment had changed.



    :O I see how the moderation notification could be problematic.



    i suppose the only issue there, is if someone moderates your comment. would have to allow you to edit without sending them a new email every time, and when they moderate your comment, the nonce system would have to alert them that the content of the comment had changed.

    huh? how can someone else moderate your comment? what i’m seeing at is the same system the edit feature works on the wp forums to be implemented in the blogs as well.



    Can only ‘edit’ here if no one else has replied in the meantime.

    Took me 20 minutes to hit ‘send post’.



    I do not think it is a good idea.

    e.g. if person ‘A ‘comments on my blog and I respond to it. Later on that person edits the comment and backs down from his/her stand, it would not only render my response useless but also of other people who may have responded. Editing as long as no one has responded is fine but not after someone has replied to that comment.


    i believe the plugin i referenced works that way
    in your dashboard, Options > Discussion > An administrator must always approve the comment

    that’s how comments are on the official blog. if you could edit comments everywhere, you could edit a comment while it was still awaiting moderation.



    My issue with comments is that if you’re not signed in, you can pretty much leave a comment as whoever you want.

    For example, I can leave a bunch of comments on Nosy’s blog on all those Brittany pictures and leave Mark’s name as the commenter.

    Wanna see? :)



    drmike: naughty, naughty boy!

    sbk: oh that kind of moderation… hmm, can’t see a workaround if that’s the case.

    kashmir: if we implement the system used here in the forums, the edit feature would only be available for like 5 minutes maybe? after which you can’t do so. so there shouldn’t be a problem with replies and such.



    I oppose an “edit comment” function, because it allows people to behave irresponsibly with their comments. I’d rather have someone make an ass of himself on the record and apologize on the record as well. You can’t have a meaningful conversation if past remarks aren’t static. Spelling and such aren’t the issue; it’s more important that people realize that they will have to stand by their remarks before they make them. What they say on my blog matters, and if they say it on my blog, it belongs to me. People who can’t abide by that shouldn’t be commenting.



    as far as I can remember allows to delete for good (not edit) a comment made on a someone’s other blog to the non anon. person who left this comment and is authenticated author of this comment. even if this comment already has been replied by the whole bunch of threads.

    now the situation w/ comments left on other blogs looks like the the comment you’ve post on a someone’s blog becomes a property of the owner of this particular blog (who can modify it by any way she wants).

    in other words, the original comment left by you on someone’s other blog is not yours anymore, now it belongs to the owner of the blog you have post comment on.

    I doubt this is is a ‘Right Thing'(tm).



    I disagree. It’s easy enough for you to post and say so if your words have been twisted. But the entire blog is the responsibility of the blog owner, not the commenters, and that includes the comments. Naturally, the control should reside where the responsibility does.

    If you don’t trust someone will leave your comments untwisted, don’t comment on their blog. I’ve seen far, far too many people re-edit their forum posts to make themselves look better, and it’s a level of sordid that I’d just as soon not see here. LiveJournal’s infighting and such is a perfect example of this. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that you can barricade yourself behind “friend only” walls, etc, and it sometimes hosts a level of interpersonal drama that is unhealthy and systematic, because it’s inherent in the software. When people can’t retroactively change what they’ve said, they tend to say only what they really mean.

    This is a good thing.



    I’ve seen far, far too many people re-edit their forum posts to make themselves look better

    can you explain further on this?

    i re-edit my posts in the forums all the time, i don’t think i do it to make myself look better, but rather to phrase my words better so as not to cause unintentional offense.



    That’s not what I’m talking about, Sulz. I’m talking about social forums and issue-based forums like Ezboard where people will post the most flagrantly offensive things, then when they are called on it, go back and edit things so it appears that everyone else is overreacting. Then THOSE people go back and edit their posts so they don’t look like they’re overreacting and the entire nature of statements and truth is completely fluid and meaningless.

    I’ve seen people reveal that other forum members were having affairs, then go back and edit it out once the people they wanted to see it had seen it. Stuff like that. You’re fortunate that you don’t hang around with people who do stuff like that, but rest assured, if they could retroactively edit any comment they left at WordPress you’d encounter them sooner or later, to your detriment.

    I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate at all about making people stand by their words. If you’re throwing something out there that you’re not sure of, just say so and people will understand that. But I believe comments are like letters; they belong to the recipient. And that is how WordPress works; if it didn’t, I think I’d disable comments, since they’d be meaningless anyway.



    i guess i am fortunate not to have seen such things, which is why i was puzzled over your stance against this concept.

    i think if it were implemented i’d activate it to work like how it works at the forums, where the edit feature is on for a limited time. that way ppl can’t retract what they have said, but can do so if they regret immediately after pressing submit, which by then i wouldn’t even have read the comment anyway.



    raincoaster —

    I’m with you: No editing of published comments!

    Yesterday I was burned here in this forum by a person who went back and edited a comment after I replied in order to change the angle and intent of their original comment.

    Having that sort of ability to retroactively change what happened on our blog comments is bad news.

    As I learned here the hard way, we’d all have to wait a good long time to respond to a comment before replying to make sure it can’t be changed after the fact and the truth of the published record remains in situ.

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