Can I disable autosave?

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    I post daily and every few days if not, week, I get an autosave message that there are other revisions and I’m asked to compare them. This is a bit annoying as I expect WP to save the latest version and be done with it.



    What, exactly, does the message say? If it’s just that “there is a newer version of this post” one, ignore it.



    No, autosave can’t be disabled.

    Here is one reason why the autosave is not automatically used:
    Say you have a published post, but you want to make changes. As you are editing the post, WordPress autosaves at regular intervals. If you were in the middle of typing out a link, image, or anything else when the autosave kicked in, you wouldn’t want those changes to be shown live on the site yet. You only want those changes to go live after you are done with your edits and you click the Save button.

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