can i disable trackback?

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    if so please tell me how! thanks



    Do you mean turning off automatic sending tracebacks to other sites where you reference their articles? Or when someone references your articles and sends you a traceback?



    sorry to seem so confused-this format is new to me. just wondering if i can get rid of the trackback area all together…the one posted at the bottom of all entries where it says trackback URI



    You would have to purchase a css customization upgrade to achieve that. Do you have css editing experience and do you wish to purchase the upgrade?

    Would you please post a link to your blog?


    no,then I will just leave it as is. Do I need to do anything with that area,or can I ignore it? I thought I could disable it since it seems it did not show up at the end of one of my posts.



    Each theme template is coded to display certain things and as we all blog on a multiuser blogging platform if you could edit the template for your blog then all other blogs with the same theme would be likewise changed. This is why we cannot edit our templates at We can purchase a css upgrade and change the external appearance only.

    Can you please articulate what your concern is so we know if we have addressed it or not?

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