Can I display a calendar from another website on my wordpress site?

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    Please see
    My blog site is
    I have not published the page I have questions about because I am not sure it is working right. and (Question #1) I cannot find out how to UNpublish it if it is not doing what I want.

    This is the preview page
    [Removed by staff]
    and the edit page
    [Removed by staff]
    for my UNpublished page called Availability Calendar.

    (Question #2) I have inserted a link provided by that they call a widget that is supposed to display my rental availability calendar as it appears on my VRBO page. I have not yet published my WordPress page because I cannot see the calendar when I preview the page I am building. Maybe I need to publish it before it will work.

    Will it display correctly after I publish the page? Or, have I done this incorrectly? Am I allowed to use this calendar link?

    Thank you
    Sue Long
    Blog url:


    To un-publish a post, you just move it back into Draft status:

    • Go to the post’s edit page and look for the ‘Publish’ module
    • click the ‘Edit’ link next to the ‘Status’ section in the publish module
    • Choose ‘Draft’ from the menu you are presented with, then click the OK button

    The VBRO widget won’t display because we don’t support outside code that contains javascript. You can either use our Google Calendar widget, or you can simply provide a direct link to the VBRO calendar.

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