Can I display the description of an image within a gallery?

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    Currently only the caption is displayed for the images in my gallery (on my Test) page. I would like to either display the description or have a way to add about 3 lines of text within the caption with page returns so the text is on different lines. Example:
    Sweet Ride
    Acrylic on canvas
    20 x 20 in.
    Blog url:


    It looks like you found a way of manually doing this. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to automatically have the description for images show in the gallery.

    Having the description appear on attachment pages is an option for themes but it’s not a default feature.



    Thanks Andrew – but the way I manually did it on my Gallery vs the Test page I can only do 1 column of images. If there was a manual way of putting multiple columns of images that would be an alternative. Do you know off hand if Modularity Lite theme supports attachment pages?



    Modularity Lite shows image descriptions when viewing them as attachments – see for example here:

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