Can I do this with CSS?

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    First off, I’ve never done any html or CSS etc. before, so try to endure…

    I’ve read all the “read this first” material and I understand that you can change the appearance with CSS, but not html or PHP code, so I was wondering what _sort_ of changes you can really do.

    I’m on Hemingway and pretty happy with the theme. What I want to do is this:

    *Make normal text darker. The light grey on the bright white has bad readability
    *Change the widget headlines (About, Recently, Blogroll etc.) to more fitting words in Swedish
    *Make my static front page more “narrow” (so you can see more bottombar) by thinning the blank space underneath the page headline

    Can you do all this with CSS despite not being able to modify PHP/html? I just asking so I know if learning how to do this will be worth the effort.



    Yes, you can change the text colour darker and you *should* be able to narrow the static front page. Exactly how I don’t know as I don’t know the theme.

    The widget headlines you can’t change through CSS. You can change some of them by editing the widget (right hand corner of the widget) from the presentation option in your dashboard.

    Whether it’s worth the effort depends on how much you want to learn CSS and/or change your theme so it’s more personal. I love playing with themes and CSS but others I know absolutely hate it. Are you any good with programming/code generally and how much of a nerd are you? ;)




    Aw, such a shame about the widget headlines… I think Hemingway has some sort of pseudo-widgets. Under dashboard>presentation there’s a “Hemingway Options” page where I can manage my widgets. “Manage” meaning drag and drop in the bottombar – I can’t do anything else with them really. I’ve understood that people on other themes appear to have more options with the widgets, but I haven’t tried another theme since I’m very fond of the bottombar and Hemingway’s the only one with it.

    Anyhow, doesn’t seem to be any way of doing away with the English words on the swedish blog if I go Hemingway. I might be able to emulate Hemingway on Sand-what’s-its-name if I go for the CSS option, but it probably won’t work with the bottombar etc.


    unsleepable also has a bottom bar, with widgets.
    and it’s definately possible to make a bottom bar using “Sand-what’s-its-name”, as i was able to replicate unsleepable on sandbox.

    to change the words to swedish, you’d have to create images with the text you want, and then use css to set them as a background, and hide the english.

    unfortunately, hemingway’s widget titles are not specific (ie. #top-posts h3 {} ), but most of the widgetized themes are.



    Very cool, sunburntkamel. I’ll definetely look into unsleepable some more. CSS holds promise if I don’t find what I seek. I’ve learned so many new things the last years, why not CSS code too? Marking this as resolved. Thanks!

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