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Can I download all photos from a blog?

  1. Hi there! The hard drive in my Mac recently crashed, and as a result, I lost all photos since moving to Greece five months ago. Fortunately, I uploaded many of these photos to my blog. I'm wondering if there's a way to download all the photos from my blog to my newly installed hard drive (at the highest possible resolution). Thanks so much for any advice you can offer!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - Oof, I'm sorry that happened! I'm checking to see if there's an automatic way we could do this, I'll let you know what I hear.

  3. Hi there - I'm sending you an email about this; please check your inbox!

  4. @eurello
    Is this actually possible?

  5. With the increase in direct mobile blogging, blogs living longer than desktop PC's - people putting family history on their blogs - pictures and other media being on many old computers - and I could go on and on

    The ability to download the media library would be a great feature to have

  6. I agree!

  7. @timethief - It's not currently possible for users to do this themselves, but we can sometimes do it for them.

    There's not currently a plan to add a user-facing tool for this as far as I know -- since we host the files as long as the blog is live, we don't actually get a lot of requests for it. But I'll start paying attention to whether people request it more. :)

  8. @eurello
    1. Understood.
    2. Thank you.

  9. It has been on my list of Ideas to post - just been slow -

    we have several times a week that people want to do that type of transfer - many times when people are moving blogs, either between WordPress.COM blogs or they are moving to a .ORG install and want to make sure that none of their pictures are lost.

    I would use that feature with my site since the pictures on it go back several years, the pictures are were on at least three different computers and I think I have them backed up on an external drive. But as I found out this spring finding individual files out of literally over 1,000,000 files sucks.

    Then add the mobile posting from your cell phone with the WordPress App and the case I think gets stronger.

    Don't forget just the piece of mind having the pictures on a few CD's.

    I would bet a couple of stale soggy slices of Pizza (shipping seems to take a lot out of Pizza) or a couple of my handmade captnmike handmade key fobs (they ship better) - that it would be a greatly appreciated feature.


  10. PS - give an option for both Full Download & Incremental (since last download)

  11. Seconded.

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