Can I edit description tag in header?

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    My blog shows up in Google but there’s no description, just the URL.

    How can I edit the meta description in the head of the source code?

    This one: <meta name=”description” content= “Description of my blog goes here.”/>

    Thanks :-)



    What is the URL of the blog in question?


    meta name=”decription is your blog tagline here at If this is the blog you are talking about, , then the “description” will not have an entry since the theme you are using does not show it or generate it in the html for the pages. You blog title should show up, but I’m wondering if it isn’t due to your use of the ” | ” symbols in your blog title.


    By the way, here at we cannot edit the underlying theme files, and to add a description to the html, you would have to have access, which you do not.



    Yes, that’s the blog I’m referring to… I’ll change the title and see what happens.

    So are you saying if I change the theme I can give it a meta description? I’m using this theme for another blog, (not hosted at Wordpres), and I can change the meta description…

    How can I tell which themes will allow that?



    I’ve checked out several themes on my test blog, and none of them, whether they display the tagline on the blog or not, create a meta name=”description” in the html. Since I didn’t check all themes, I can’t say if this omission is common to all themes or not, but it would appear like it is.



    I’m using Cutline theme and even though I have something entered in Options > Tagline, the tagline is not showing up under the blog title, (either in the blog itself or as the meta “description” in the Google listing).

    I use this theme for another blog of mine that is NOT hosted by WordPress and the tagline works fine so I thought it would basically work the same here… I am very disappointed!

    I find all of this hard to believe… A web page, (blog or other), needs to have a meta name=”description” tag!! Otherwise Google is not happy and the listing looks stupid with just the URL of the blog and no description, (and keywords), saying what it’s about.


    Blogs self-hosted and using the software downloaded from will probably always have the “description.” I say probably since I don’t know if it is defined in the underlying wordpress files or in the theme files.

    You would have to contact staff to see if they can tell you why they decided to not include it on the free-hosted blogs here at

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