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Can I edit 'Rate this'?

  1. I have the 5 star system on my blog whereby readers can 'rate' the post. Is there any way of editing (deleting present rating) on a post. [I have a sticky that does not require rating, but some insist on doing so and I just want to delete the current ratings.]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think it is possible to delete the registered ratings on blog posts, but you can check with the Support to confirm.

  3. a) Posts > Edit: hover over title of sticky post and note its ID number (number at the end of the permalink you'll see in the browser progress bar).
    b) Ratings > Advanced Settings > Extra Settings > Exclude Posts: write ID number in box, click Save Changes.

  4. Interesting. Looks like a recently implemented feature.

    But I believe the questioner is asking to refresh the already registered rating stars. The Advanced Settings might just exclude the post from getting stars. I will play with this later.

  5. Superb. Thanks very much.

  6. @arifsali: You're right; but I guess (and I sure hope) you cannot "refresh" the ratings, as it would amount to falsifying them; so I thought I'd rather address the "does not require rating" part of Dickie's post.

    @Dickie: You're welcome - hope I thought right!

  7.! Thanks, Panos! //running to exclude some pages right now!

  8. Pana; Spot on - as always. Thanks a bunch!

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