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Can I edit the default URL rewrite on my wordpress blog?

  1. I created my first blog post and what I see in the URL bar is not what I expected, so can I modify the default URL rewrite setting for my blog for example to be:

  2. That's what it should be. Are you 100% sure you're in the correct forums?

    What is the URL of the post?

  3. Oh, I see what you're getting at. No, the date gets stuck in there. We can't change how the permalinks are setup here.

  4. The format of the url's on blogs is exactly what you have posted above. It cannot be changed.

    Setting that aside I wonder: What is this stuff in your post?

    dfsg sdfg sdf

    It looks like the spam I receive.

  5. No it's not spam, as I said it's an example, I'm still learning the wordpress administration tool and it's my first day using it.

  6. This is a helpful link for newcomer's

  7. dfsg sdfg sdf

    It's a test post. They threw in some random key punches for content just to put something there.

  8. Yes, that's what the blogger told me above.

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