Can I edit the widget Archive in Benevolence?

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    I am using the Archive widget in Benevolence. It gives the months. I would rather it gave the titles of the posts. Could someone please give me a link to an existing answer on this question, or the answer? I couldn’t find this when I searched. Thank you.



    Is this resolved?

    Use the “Recent Posts” widget instead of the Archives widget; it will give you the title of the recent posts. However, I’m not sure how far back it can go, and I’m sure many would agree that having a large number of post names dating back to forever wouldn’t be a good idea.



    I just checked; it’s at most 15 posts.


    Thanks,Lizii, I did make that change, although it’s only picking up five or six recent posts. I don’t know how this got marked ‘resolved’ but it appears that you are quite right, one can’t edit the Archives. I wouldn’t mind a much longer list of posts, though, since mine are essays and not so quickly updated as some folks’ are. I’ll keep this marked resolved but will continue to look for a way to do it. Thanks for your input. Will visit your blog to take a look.



    The Recent Posts widget defaults to 5 posts. If you want more you have to edit the widget on the widgets page.

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