Can I eliminate the option to reblog my posts?

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    I received a notification today that someone had reblogged a post from a photo blog I share with another friend. When I followed the link to the site (, though, they had simply reblogged our post and added a spam comment to it. A quick look revealed that their whole blog consisted of posts like that (reblogs from other blogs, with the exact same spam comment added).

    So basically, my post and photos are being used as the vehicle for spam. I don’t want my content used that way, but I’ve looked all over and can’t find an option to remove my content from their site (which now links back to mine) or an option to block future reblogs from that site in particular.

    Is there an option for this that I’m simply not seeing?

    The blog I need help with is


    Oops…the blog I need help with is actually, though I suppose this issue could apply to either one


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    No, there is no way to prevent re-blogging.


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    There are lots of folks who do not like this so called feature. But at least you get a link back to your site from it. For what that’s worth…


    I wouldn’t care as much, except that it’s our photo blog (which includes personal photos) and that my content is then being used to promote spam. It seems like there should be an option to turn of that feature or block users like this one that are clearly using it as a quick way to spread spam while still getting around the spam filters on most sites.



    If you find that someone has reblogged your post on a spam site hosted on, you can report them for review from the Admin bar while logged in. See here:


    Yes, I’ve done that. I’m hoping that they will at least shut down that site (since they have similarly reblogged from countless other sites, all on the same day)


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    Couldn’t agree more.
    But anything online can be copied and stolen. This “feature” is not one I can appreciate however. Please realize that I’m a volunteer here, not a member of staff, and this is only my opinion.
    When this option was first forced on us there was a big uproar, with many people expressing negative views about it. But there is no way to get around it.
    Since that time, I’ve been required for work to use facebook, (a page for work, not personal) and I must say they invade privacy, allow more duplication, and disturb me more than this issue. I also use Google for searches and mail. Custom searches based on what you’ve previously looked at; custom adverts based on “keywords” in your text… That has taught me to be much more careful about revealing anything online.



    You could watermark your photos with “Please do not reblog” and then anyone who reblogs them looks like an ass.



    WordPress has taken down my reblogged posts off of two sites that were spam sites, but it took several emails and about a month before it was done. I wish I could remove a post as quickly and easily as people can ‘steal’ them (I object to my photos being reblogged.)

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