Can I embed OpenStreetMap into a page?

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    I see a recent answer giving instructions for embedding Google maps into a page. I have completely updated the area where I live using OpenStreetMap and would like to be able to embed images from that site. Can I do so and would I use the same method as described for Google maps?

    Thanks, Jim

    The blog I need help with is



    We’d need a link to your site before we can answer or at least a confirmation that it is hosted by

    In general if OpenStreetMap uses an iframe to embed, then the answer is no. See here:

    The reason it works with Google Maps is because there is a special shortcode enabled for Google.



    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// ? If you are referring to a free hosted blog then I’m sorry but OpenStreetMap embeds cannot be used on free hosted blogs at this time.



    My link is so yes, it is one of the free blogs.

    Below is an example of a link from OpenStreetMap

    OSM does have an “export” feature which will download a .png file of the map you are looking at…so I could download to my computer then upload to my blog. Of course, any changes made subsequently would not be seen but that would work for me

    Thanks for the help, Jim



    You’re welcome!

    And of course you can link the PNG to the resulting updated map on OpenStreetMap. :)



    I had not thought of linking the .PNG map to OSM….

    thanks again, Jim

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