Can I ever go back to PressRow if I leave it?

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    Right now I’m using PressRow as my theme and it’s served me adequately for two years but I’m intrigued by the new Enterprise theme. However, Preview doesn’t allow me to “kick the tires” as much as I’d like to see if I can put everything where I want it. Unfortunately, PressRow is no longer listed as an available theme.

    My question: If I change from PressRow to Enterprise and can’t make some stuff work as I want it to, could I go back to PressRow since it is discontinued?

    The blog I need help with is



    PressRow isn’t listed because you are already using it. It hasn’t gone anywhere so by all means switch across, have a look through your blog and then switch back if Enterprise isn’t for you.




    I’d like to make a suggestion. We can have as many blogs as we choose to register and having a test blog is very useful for trying out new themes, widgets, etc. If you want one simply click this link while you are signed in and register another blog that you can use for testing things out in. >



    Well, I have a test blog and I can’t switch it to PressRow. I went to the guy’s website who wrote PressRow and on his site it says the theme is out of print or something like that. So, I don’t know if it’s still available.



    Yes you can still go back to “PressRow” I just got done searching it on the theme directory and it displayed in the search result and I was able to activate the theme for my test blog.



    Thank you to everyone who helped! I’ve got it figured out now!



    You’re welcome!


    Hello there,

    I have a free test blog at here
    I love Pressrow! So I got hosting because i wanted a .com site and now it is up at But I can’t find Pressrow when I’m in the admin panel of my

    Any advice?

    Thank you so much!



    Look at the rest of the entries in this thread: Pressrow for independent blogs has been discontinued.




    But I can’t find Pressrow when I’m in the admin panel of my
    Any advice? ,/blockquote>

    I believe when you get a wordpress.ORG install the only theme that comes with it is the default theme. That was the case for me and if it’s also the case for you then you have to upload themes into your install.

    Most of the themes we run here on are also available in the themes directory:

    We do tend to use modified versions of the themes though to better fit in with, so if you want the identical version to what we run, you’ll want to downloaded from here

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