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Can I export my site, empty the content and later time import the content back

  1. I have a court order telling me I cannot write a blog about my legal problems. I keep the site password protected with no password assigned but I need to know I can export (dump) the blog and retrieve the site at a later time. This concerns my children and is not violent or abusive in any way.
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  2. Yes, you can do that. It's easier to set the whole site as Private though and just not invite any readers. You don't need to export anything, because the only people who can see it are you and the staff at WordPress.

  3. Thanks, that's what I have done for 3 months but if my commuter is subpoenaed I'm still "breaking the law"...if I had the money for a good constitutional lawyer I wouldn't worry about it...back to the export/import, I assume I need to empty the content of the site and not delete it..then when I import back, the content is "re-filled"?

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