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Can I find which sites have links to my blog?

  1. This weekend I had a scary experience where a link to a post of mine with a picture of my 5 year old son was posted on a paedophile website. I picked this up through 'referer' on stats page which was good but is there any way of checking which websites have links to blog posts of mine. I removed my post immediately although the pic was just a head and shoulders.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google Webmaster Tools will help, not 100% but after a while will show where links are from

    Note: the links back only work if a site has a link back- it they just copy a post with no link in it, then a link back will not show up unless they forgot and left a link in a picture of something

  3. Thank you, that all seems quite technical, I will ask my husband to have a look for me.

  4. You be welcome - the instructions are not too bad, but they do need to be followed exactly

  5. You can also search for sites that have linked to yours on Google, provided the website that has linked to you hasn't blocked search engines, which, in this case, most probably has. Type in the Google search bar link:yoursiteaddress

    I hope that you also reported the site you mentioned to that site's webhost. If you need help tracking down the site's webhost, you can do a Whois search to find them.

  6. Thank you justjennifer, that is good to know

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