Can I force a theme to show summaries on the home page?

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    I’m doing a monthly magazine, and would like my home page to show a list of (the current month’s) article summaries. Unfortunately, I see this summary-style-home-page on only some themes I’ve previewed, but not the ones I really like. The themes I like (both premium and free) list the full post on the home page by default.

    In other words, I wish the “archive” page in my preferred theme(s) could be the default home page. Since I can’t set the home page to be the ‘archive’, I’m hoping you can point me to a tutorial or instructions for creating a new page (in wordpress.COM, mind you) that lists article summaries (archive-style) for a given month.

    The plan is to then choose “Front Page Displays” My-archive-style-new-page and get the home page I’m after.

    Each article is already assigned a Volume/Issue category. Choosing to view “Archive for the ‘__________’ category” also brings the perfect home page: a list that includes authors, titles, publication dates, and article summaries—just not the full posts.

    I'm hoping someone will tell me this hack isn't necessary because I'm overlooking something really simple.




    Hi there,
    The answer to the question in the title of this thread is:
    this is theme dependent;
    it can only be done if and only if the theme has an active excerpt box.
    We cannot edit templates ror themes and we cannot use CSS editing to alter how any theme is coded to function.

    Please read >

    Your blog is private, we don’t know which theme you have on the blog. If you want Volunteer help specific to your exact needs we have to be able to see the blog and read the source code.



    Thanks. Off to read now (no idea what an excerpt box is).

    The preferred theme is Spectrum by Ignacio Ricci. The blog is still private because the home page can’t go live with a series of 1500+ word articles.



    Quick answer – Spectrum is a no go – choose another theme

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