Can I get a complete list of Search Engine terms?

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    I want to see an UNsummarized list of all search engine terms that brought people to my blog that goes back further than a week. Like maybe a MONTH back. Is that possible? the summary leaves a LOT out.



    Click on “Search Engine Terms” and it’ll give you all the terms for that day, and also going backwards in time.



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    I think I missed something there…

    thanks. I tried that and it stops at about a week ago. Is there any way to enter a date range so I can get the list from, say, two weeks ago? It seems to have a limited capacity for how much it can list at a time.


    When you go to the search term page, take a look at the URL in the address bar. In the query string (the part after the ?), you should see part of it that looks like this: numdays=7. Change the 7 to however many days you want to see in the list, and that should get you what you’re looking for.


    thanks for taking the time to respond.
    I tried that and it still only goes back to 5-28. I had a lot of hits last week b/c I posted (unknowingly) on a topic a lot of people were googling. I think the list can only show but so many terms at a time, which I why I was hoping for a beginning and ending date range.



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