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Can I get back my blog domain after deliting it

  1. Please help me... I deleted my blog and thinking I can get back my domain. But when I try to re-register site said " this blog name already exist.."
    What should I do...

  2. I doubt it

  3. thanks you very much wpvstp and midnighticequeen....I feel so sad...I am a careless guy...I was expecting just for domain..... not everything inside..Thank you guys..If you guys have any idea or help..please mail to [email removed, don't feed the spammers - vanillalounge]

  4. Oh kay, will do!

  5. Oh....It are sort of on line....Where are you from..I am from Myanmar, Burma..thanks

  6. Can you recommend me if there any blog which is as nice as wordpress? thanks

  7. It's a really bad idea to put your email in the forum. If you ask one of the moderators they'll be able to remove it for you.

  8. Hi...rosclarke,
    Thanks for the advice..I have no experiences regarding forums thing.... I just realize very dangerious things..I was really out of control since I deleted my blog...thanks...bro..

  9. Lol...I'm from Virgina

  10. @rosclarke: Done, thanks ;)

  11. ံHi vanillalounge,
    Thanks indeed...

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