can I get my an old username back on new blog, if I delete it for old one

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    I have a wordpress/ mlb blog, but I require a URL change

    The URL I want – is available!

    But my desired username is not. I assume that’s because I currently have the URL

    So, if I change that URL, will it (and the username Little Baby Jaysus) become available once again, so I can match it up with

    Or, if I take will i have to choose a different wordpress URL and username

    I understand the relationship between wordpress and mlb is new, and what I want to do is a bit tricky. I appreciate anything info you could provide to help me do this.
    Blog url:



    Actually, you won’t be able to register further names as the service has been discontinued.


    That’s strange because it is currently still possible to sign up for a new mlb blog.

    Were you referring to the arrangement between and that has been discontinued?

    If not, which service were you referring to – my wordpress/mlb blog is still running smoothly, apart from the url problem.

    Any information and/or suggestions would be helpful and thanks macmanx for the quick response to my original message.



    Basically, MLBlogs moved all of their users to, and now the userbases are shared. Though you can signup for a [blog] domain, it’s actually a [blog] blog.

    So, you can’t sign up for because is already taken.

    Sorry for the confusion!

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