Can I get my site subscribers transferred to my new self-hosted?

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    I’ve recently moved from a site ( to a site on a Bluehost server ( and I was hoping to get my 5 subscribers transfered from the site to the self-hosted site.

    Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    And yes, I do run Jetpack on it.



    I have flagged this for the staff to help

    Do you have JetPack installed on your new site? – that is needed for the subscribers to be transferred

    And to make sure there is no confusion and the staff can do the transfer the first time correctly – what is the URL (address) of the base WordPress.COM site you want to transfer the subscribers FROM and the URL of the blog you want to subscribers transferred TO?


    As I said before, I use jetpack. Also as I said before, It’s Also as I said before, the site is



    Sorry for the confusion – your posts had been caught by our spam filter, so auxclass wasn’t able to see them.


    Ahhh. Would love to be able to see a flag on my end for that. I rather sound like a jerk when I read it over with that in mind. Maybe just a “caught as spam, click here if you think this is an error”



    Very sorry about that – we intentionally don’t show a warning like that, as it would be a tip-off to the real spammers, unfortunately. :-( If you’re ever not sure, just log out and view the thread – if your replies aren’t displayed, then they’ve been marked as spam.

    Since it looks like your replies are continuing to be spammed, I suggest you contact our Akismet anti-spam service directly, filling out the form that will appear when you type “spam” in the text field, and choosing “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake” from the selections:

    I will move your followers now – please stay tuned.



    Your followers have been transferred as requested. Just let us know if you need anything else.


    Just to verify, the followers from have been transferred to — which has the site title (Aspiring) Author, Travis Weston? I only ask because I’ve had two blogs under that URL, and both have used Jetpack, and I’m not seeing any new followers onto it at th emoment.



    Another indicator that you are stuck in the spam filter is look in the main forum after you post the post count will go up one but you will not be shown as the last poster – takes some getting used to for this method but it does work



    Hi there – the followers were moved to – site ID 35111715 in our system.

    If you had two different Jetpack installations on the same domain, that may have caused a discrepancy here.

    Since there were only five followers, you may just want to make a final post on your site asking folks to re-follow you on your new site.

    Alternatively, I could try moving the followers to site ID 48655509, also in our system. You can see the ID number at the end of your generated source code on the site’s homepage.


    48655509 is the blog ID in the stats page for the version of that I’m currently using. I can tell that by looking at the URL for the stats page, it has blog=48655509 at the end of the URL.

    I apologize, I should have mentioned I’d had two different blogs at that URL before.



    No worries – I’ve gone ahead and done the transfer. Let me know if it looks OK. :-)


    Everything is perfect now! Thank you very much! You BOTH have been very patient.



    My pleasure! I’m closing this thread but don’t hesitate to start a new one if you need anything else. Keep in mind that your comments are still being marked as spam, so if you want to get that sorted out, your best bet is to follow the instructions I gave earlier.

    All the best with your self-hosted site!

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