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Can I get non-default themes w/out a hosting service?

  1. I am running WordPress straight from the web-based dashboard. Is there any way to customize existing html or import new themes?

    I'm on a Macintosh, and love WordPress for its clean themes and ease-of-use, but in some ways it seems that it is less customizable than Blogger (which I switched from).

    Also, if I do in fact need a hosting service, how do I get it to work on Mac OS X? All the tutorials I have seen have been for Windows.

  2. We're actually running WordPress MultiUser here and that does not allow the option of uploading themes. You can always suggest a specific one to be installed via the Feedback link on your Dashboard if you know of one that you would like but there is no method for the enduser to upload one.

    Regular WordPress is 100% customizable since you have access to the source code. Themes as well. But, to run regular WordPress, you need to be hosted elsewhere and install a copy of the WP software.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Damn. Will the ability to view and modify source code be implemented any time soon? Is it planned at all?

    Anyway, thanks for the quick reply.

  4. i want to change my Theme layout. and i came across Theme viewer in wordpress.
    But it says that i have to download it or Test run. what does that mean?
    Can i use those themes in Theme viewer? because they have better designs than the
    ones that are available in my Admin/Presentation Themes.

  5. Triple, that's for the normal version of WordPress, not for the MultiUser version. If they installed it, everyone would have to run it and there's a number of themes that don't support it as well. The only themes we can use currently are the ones we have listed in the Presentation screens. If you see one you would like to have installed, you can suggest it via the Feedback form on your Dashboard. (That's what staff has suggested in the past.)

    Do note though that a large number of themes have lisences in place that prohibit their being installed here. (ie noncommerial, not GPL'ed)

    As to editing themes, Andy Skelton gave an interview with iTimes about the subject recently:

    A question that’s on a lot of our minds is why doesn’t allow custom template editing. Although XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilites are a viable threat, is there anyway that Automattic can protect the site and allow this functionality at the same time?

    Obviously we want to provide as much freedom as possible without sacrificing the performance and security of the site. Customization is the single most requested feature on It’s something we’re always improving - such as with Widgets and the new version of Regulus with custom header images.

    It’s probably possible to create a new templating system for WordPress so that anyone can make their own template without exposing things that should remain secure on the server. There are people working on this kind of thing in different ways: plugins, flexible themes, even core mods.

    Most folks are very happy with the options we provide, too. They’re very vocal about it in the feedback form. The few people who really need their own theme are encouraged to run WordPress on their own server space so that they have full control over their site.

    Personally, I encourage anyone who wants to make their own theme to install WordPress on their home computer and play with it. If you fall in love with it, you’ll probably want to rent space on a shared server and then you can also have your own domain name. It’s a lot of fun, but when you just need a place to blog you’ll still have the ability to do so on I have blogs there as well as elsewhere.

  6. Oh i see. thank you very much for the info :)

  7. Not a problem. :)

    While I like the idea of having themes editable, I'm actually dreading the day when that occurs. This forum will become filled with folks with broken CSS, not understanding what they did wrong, begging for help like a five year old, and trying to blame WP for the issues. (We already have a couple of those every day in here) It's going to be fun.

    I bet Podz and the other staff members will see their inboxes triple with support requests as well.

  8. One of your suggested alternatives to customizing our own templates is to suggest ones we have found and would like to see. [I understand these things are relative, but...] Just what kind of time range are we looking at here?

  9. Just what kind of time range are we looking at here?

    Sounds more like you're thinking that staff is going to put one in there just because you ask...

    Submit a feedback with the suggestion.

  10. drmike - new version of regulus? Is this available in from Presentation or is this somnething else? Could enlighten me? thx.

  11. @britgirl
    The latest version of the Regulus is 2.1.3 and it's the same one we have here at (re-coded of course to operate on the WPMU platform).

  12. Oh, right.Thanks. Thought there was another one with 3 columns...

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